North, South and Caribbean

Jaguars of the Pantanal September 2023
A second visit to the end of the Transpantaneira for 8 days of safari by speedboat. And we're so glad we gave it another shot. Sightings of 22 different jaguars almost made the 43C heat bearable.
Dominica January 2023
Dominica is the unspoilt Caribbean island that isn't really set up for tourism. It is therefore a great place for wildlife watching and one of the few places in the world you can swim with whales.
Baja California March 2022
The Baja Peninsula is one of the best places to see a variety of whales anywhere in the world. And the crew of the Spirit of Adventure and Mark Carwardine as a guide always make it an awesome experience. Even if the "friendly" grey whales are a little stand-offish
Alaskan Bears and Whales July 2019
Black bears fishing for salmon with breaching and bubblenet-feeding humpbacks. Add a smattering of orca, porpoises and scenery for a divine 10 days.
Baja California February 2019
Grey whales almost close enough to touch, blue whales lunge-feeding, fin, pilot, dwarf sperm, the whale list goes on. Then add in leaping rays and superpods of dolphins for a unique trip in an amazing location.
Iguazu Falls October 2018
With more than 275 waterfalls over 3km, photos just cannot convey the majesty of Iguazu Falls. We had good weather and bad weather, visited both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides and loved it all.
Pantanal Wildlife October 2018
The Pantanal comprises about 3% of the world's wetlands, has the largest concentration of crocodiles in the world (over 10 million caiman) and is a great place to see jaguars. And you get round by speedboat. What more could you ask for?
Costa Rica July 2018
We won a holiday (thanks Wanderlust) so off to Costa Rica for a week of rainforests, volcanos and beaches.
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